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    Современные технологии
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    Металлообрабатывающее оборудование
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    Профессиональный сервис

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Perytone Engineering is one of the leading engineering Russian companies which specializes in supplying the modern industrial equipment and technologies to the plants and factories of the various branches of industry and CIS.  We select and deliver special equipment for our clients according to their specifications, standards and needs. We  work out the technology, make balancing and high quality commissioning during the whole service period.

Our knowledge and experience enables us  to suggest effective technological decisions at various stages of  the manufacturing process as well as for the whole process in general. A lot of enterprises of the industrial regions of the Central Russia, Ural and Siberia successfully apply our suggestions for increasing their efficiency.

Perytone Engineering suggests the optimal selection of the equipment according to the clients specific demands.

Our choice of suppliers  primarily based on the quality and reliability of their equipment. We are selling our clients only the best modern equipment in the various price range from cheap and simple to expensive and sophisticated. Our company has a considerable share in the Russian industrial equipment market due to fact that our equipment meet international standards, adhering to the highest levels of quality. Most of the manufactures give us the right for exclusive promotions of their products on the Russian and SIS markets. You can see the equipment in process in our Show Rooms.

Perytone`s  staff are highly qualified specialists:  engineers, technologists, managers and service-engineers. This guarantees quick on-line decisions of any technical problems at any stage of the process: from launching and balancing of the equipment up to warranty service.

Perytone Engineering regularly takes part in the Exhibitions. It organizes workshops and seminars which are being held in our Show Rooms and at our clients’ plants and factories. Our numerous diplomas and prizes as well as our clients’ references can vividly demonstrate our professionalism and creativeness.

Our company expands  the production all the time, follow the changing needs of the market, improve and develop service.

Yours sincerely

Staff of Peritone Engineering

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